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We’ve moved!!!

IMG_6091_frame_colorWe miss Kanab and will always be grateful for our first 13 years there but we are now on the sunny coast of Central California!

We had been looking for years for a place to move to. Once we found the ideal location, we spent months working out the logistics of moving 23 animals across 600 miles.

Lompoc, CA, is smack in the middle between Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo.  When we first found the 20 acre property the land was totally desolate, sand and scrub brush (among beautiful Oak trees).  Our animals were used to a lush green environment in Southern Utah, not to mention that for some the lush lawns were there food source.  FullSizeRender_frame_colorWe set out to create some lushness and 5000 square feet of sod later, we had it.  A sprinkler system also had to installed, fencing around the house and to separate dogs from farm animals, as well barn structure built and insulated (thanks to Jason Ratzlaff  and Dawn Ferry on all three accounts!)

Once built we finally got to bring the animals.  Took three trips to get them all here and each trip was quite the experience.  The animals were glad to get out of the vehicles after 12 hours; us, too!  Of course there were numerous animal care stop along each trip.  Now, they are all settling in nicely and ready for volunteers and visitors.

IMG_6355_frame_colorOut of all the animals, the one the most excited to be here is the rabbit Stormy.  In Kanab, he either needed a personal bodyguard or to be penned up when he was outside to keep the hawks from getting him but now with our non bird swooping yellow rope set up he can hop about the yard at any time… Happy bunny!