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There’s still time! Dog/cat rescues can earn $1,000+ by 4/30

HHS and Shelter Animals Count
Register Now for Shelter Animals CountIf you haven’t heard about it yet …. your 501(c)(3) or governmental agency which intakes dogs and/or cats can earn $1,000+ in grant monies just from completing 4 simple steps by April 30th … and agreeing to help save lives by joining the movement to publicly share your monthly intake and outgoing numbers.

Participate in the Maddie’s Fund “Lap Up the Cash to Support a Shelter Animal” incentive for the Shelter Animals Count: A National Database initiative.  Groups can earn $1,000 for registering and $500 for each group/agency which registers and puts your group’s name as the referral.  So, when your group registers, please put Healing HEART Sanctuary in Lompoc, CA as the referring group; and we’ll receive the $500 … and let us know (there have been problems with this referral information being properly recorded online).

For all rescue groups and/or governmental agencies reading this ….. on behalf of the animals we all love and value so dearly, we invite you to join the movement to monthly share intake and outgoing numbers transparently.

HHS_KSBYHHS’ goal is to to spread the news, encourage groups to join in, and coach them on ways they can reach out and invite others to participate as well.  Combined with the local news coverage of NBC affiliate, KSBY, through email, telephone calls, and direct social media posts, Healing HEART Sanctuary has contacted literally thousands of rescue groups and individuals related to various groups all across the country to let them know about this opportunity.

COME ON, SIGN UP, earn $1,000 for your organization and $500 to our animal sanctuary for just 10 to 15 minutes of your time!

To qualify, a group/agency must:

  1. Be a registered 501(c)(3) or a governmental agency
  2. Intake at least one dog and/or cat a year
  3.  Be willing to share monthly numbers which will be publicly available on the Shelter Animals Count website

Register Now for Shelter Animals CountAssuming your group/agency qualifies from the above, your group will receive $1,000 once you do the following by April 30th:

  1. Register, which takes 10-15 minutes
    2. Check “SHARE” data in your profile
    3. Receive the confirmation email and CLICK THE LINK on that (if you indicated someone else as the Director, they will receive this and need to do this
    4. Enter your monthly numbers for January, February, and March (you can revise them later, if needed
    5. (not required) Please list Healing HEART Sanctuary of Lompoc, CA as the group which referred so we can receive the $500 grant

After you’ve registered , for every group or agency which puts your group as the referral, YOUR group will receive $500 for EACH group, no limit.

HHS_KSBY2In addition to earning the $500 referral amount for each group which puts Healing HEART Sanctuary of Lompoc, CA as the referring agency … This opportunity and project is a dream come true for both Executive Director Laura Bradshaw and long-term Board member Laurel Ley. They met each other in Louisiana in January 2006 during the continued response to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.  it was then that they both realized they shared a passion in assisting smaller groups in identifying resources which would support them in helping animals more; thus possibly reducing burnout and creating synergies and collaborations which would ultimately benefit rescue animals as well as their adopters.

PLEASE spread the love and the word!!!! We all could use this money and we would love for all groups to at least get the $1,000.

“We’re thrilled to be working in concert with Maddie’s Fund’s to help get the word out about their ‘Lap Up the Cash Program’. Not only are other small animal welfare nonprofits earning valuable grant funds to help animals in their care but we’re also helping source important data necessary to saving lives. The animals of Healing HEART Sanctuary also benefit every time a group or agency names us as their referring organization. It’s a win-win for the animals all around!”
     ~ Shannon Asquith
… Board Chairman / MA in Philanthropy and Development