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Healing Animals

DSC00028Healing HEART Sanctuary has been helping to heal animals since its inception in 2003.

It all started with an injured sheep, then a calf and then dogs, cats, goats, horses, donkeys, ducks, chickens, parrots, turtles, tortoises, geckos, and rabbits.  Their physical conditions have ranged from birth defects, neurological conditions, accidental injuries to being hit by cars or abuse.  No matter their condition, they have always demonstrated a happy-go-lucky, courageous attitude that is contagious.

Many who come to visit HHS are initially saddened as they meet our animals.  It hurts their hearts to see animals that have been injured or disabled.  As they are greeted by our animals, though, you can see a shift come over them, from sadness to elation.  IMG_2241The animals are joyous and their physical condition does not bother them at all.  In fact, they feel they are totally normal (or as normal as they will ever be).  Many are brought to tears, and when asked, they say it’s tears of joy not sadness.