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Care Farm

DSC_7225With its current animals Healing HEART Sanctuary is creating a “Care Farm” at our Lompoc sanctuary. A Care Farm is place where people come to heal by either farming and/or working with animals and has been used therapeutically throughout Europe for decades.

Healing HEART Sanctuary’s version of a Care Farm is unique because it’s not only the people who are healed; with special needs animals, the people and animals help to heal each other, one physically one emotionally.  This adds another element of healing for people as often working with disabled animals can open the heart of a wounded individual, with the person being inspired by the animals.

DSC00674Special needs animals just plainly touch our hearts differently, in a very instant, deep and tangible way.  They can start to open up the path to healing one’s heart by simply making a heart feel something.  Many children and adults have shut down their hearts and will do anything they can not to feel because this world can seem or be so harsh.  Shutting down our hearts is never the answer as it is only through the heart that we also feel love, joy and happiness.  Our animals have found the love, joy and happiness out of some very severe situations and help guide us back to feeling that for ourselves.

HHS has been building relationships with groups that we’ve identified that could benefit from contact with our therapeutic special needs animals.  With Vandenberg Air Force base is just down the road and a large contingency of veterans in this area, HHS has reached out to work with military personnel and/or veterans dealing with PTSD, children of deployed parents and anyone else who could use an emotional boost or a wet sloppy kiss that day.

IMG_8837Healing HEART Sanctuary would also like to work with children in foster care and at-risk teens.  We have seen a dramatic shift in these children in past with working with our animals.

The Care Farm is one of the ways HHS helps to heal people through the animals.  Come visit us and see what it’s all about!