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~ The Love Bunny!

SponsorMe8_buttonStormy is a California/New Zealand mix rabbit who came to Healing HEART Sanctuary in July 2013 as a baby.  Stormy was born with a condition called Splay Leg Syndrome and is similar to a condition known more widely in dogs as Swimmer Syndrome.  Splay Leg is characterized by weak limb development causing the legs to flatten out instead of being underneath, supporting the body.  There are two types of this condition, one that is very treatable by gently and carefully binding the legs underneath until the limbs gain the strength for support. The other, a more serious untreatable condition is where the bones actually curve into a flattened position.  Stormy, sadly, has(?)d the second one.  Good thing no one told him because as far as he’s concerned there’s absolutely nothing wrong with him.  We built slings and wheelchairs, both homemade and professional, to help him to be more comfortable while moving. He would have none of it.  His efforts display a “I can do it on my own!” attitude, and he does!  He may not look normal as he flops around the yard but he gets where he wants to go and quicker than most would think.  Stormy is probably the most happy of all the animals that HHS moved to California.  At our location in Utah, he could not be unattended or had to be penned up when outdoors to protect him from an attack by a hawk.   In Lompoc, we have been able to stretch ropes back and forth over the yard so that the big birds cannot swoop down.  He gets to move around to his heart’s content.   Stormy is always happy to say Hello and is our spokes-rabbit when we go out into the community.  He loves giving kisses and is   special,just special!

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