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~ Liz! (Taylor)

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Nikita is a Speckled Cayuga and came to Healing HEART Sanctuary in March 2012 from a waterfowl rescue with GG and Carmella, other HHS ducks. When they arrived, she and GG had a condition called “Bumblefoot”, an infection of the pads of their feet from being on  hard surfaces for too long.  With antibiotics and soft grass that condition cleared up.

She is named Nikita after the kick-ass character from the popular TV show, because she literally beat up Executive Director, Laura Roggendorf the first time she tried to pick her up!  Nikita precisely karate chopped Laura’s hands with her wings.  Luckily, it was the one and only time she decided to use brute force, and to her defense, she didn’t know us very well.  Nikita is also unique in that Speckled Cayugas are one of the few ducks that change colors with age.  They are born all black with white speckles and end their lives all white with black speckles. This makes judging their age a little easier depending on the ratio of black to white.  Nikita is also very pretty and seems to know it.  Her other nickname is Liz, after Elizabeth Taylor!

Name:  Nikita ~ Liz! (Taylor)
Species: Duck
Gender:  Female
Date came to HHS:
Health concerns:
Special interests: 

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