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~ Miss ‘Tude!
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Jenny is a full grown Red-eared Slider water turtle who came to Healing HEART Sanctuary in July 2008.  Jenny was found wandering in a residential zone by a neighbor of the Sanctuary, nowhere near a water source.  Because Red-eared Sliders have to eat underwater, she had to have been someone’s pet, but no one claimed her.

Our neighbor mistakenly thought we had turtles,  so she was brought to us.  Jenny was suffering from a fungal infection and had to be treated

Just when she finished her treatment, and we began to make plans to re-home her the strangest thing happened.  We let her out of the pond to walk around a bit  in a yard that overlooked the yard that Bitty our giant tortious was in.  Once she saw Bitty, she made a beelined go and greet him!  Mind you, she weighs under five  lbs and he weighed over 100 lbs at the time.  He could have killed her very easily if he had wanted to.  She went straight up to him and started a  bizarre and beautiful dance of striking a yoga pose and then taking one step and striking another yoga pose.  She did this over and over again.  We were fascinated and luckily so was he.  In fact, he fell madly in love with her and for about a year they were inseparable.  Bitty was the best boyfriend and whenever she would come out of her pond he would move over and let her have the heat pad.  Jenny is as animated as she is opinionated.(This sentence seems out of place – delete?)  These days Jenny hangs out with Gracie, another HHS Red-eared Slider.

Name:  Jenny ~ MIss ‘Tude!
Species:  Turtle
Gender:  Female
Date came to HHS:
Health concerns:
Special interests: 

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