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Jaeger gets new x-rays! 

IMG_6897_crop_frame_colorJaeger, our 3 year old Shepherd with bad hips and even worse Scoliosis, finally got much needed updated x-rays due to an amazingly gracious donation from Maureen Edwards.

The news was not good although we kind of expected that.  He will either need a double hip replacement or two FHOs (Femoral Head Osteotomy).  We are waiting for the surgeon to get back to us with what he thinks and then the fund-raising must begin.  Luckily Jaeger doesn’t seem to be in pain; or it is probably stated better that he is managing his pain well and doesn’t show it.

IMG_6939_crop_frame_colorJaeger runs, jumps and plays tug, albeit in his own unique way do to the Scoliosis.  We also will be contacting our long-term Eddie’s Wheels to see about building a cart that will help slowly straighten out his back.  Jaeger won’t accept it now but after surgery he may well allow it.  We’ve had excellent results with many animals using cart therapy; it all depends on the specifics of each case.

2 Comments on “Jaeger gets new x-rays! 

  1. Hey Laura,
    wonderful work afoot !

    Its great to see your progress.

    Dr. Denia Mette’