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Planned Giving / Bequest

Give a gift which helps us secure the future of Healing HEART Sanctuary (HHS).

With the help of committed supporters, Healing HEART Sanctuary has restored smiles and lives to those who previously had no hope, animals and humans alike. Since 2003, Healing HEART Sanctuary has helped literally thousands of animals either directly as a resident of the sanctuary or through our outreach services, and through the disaster response support program we managed the field teams for many years.

What is the secret to making a gift that will provide the greatest meaning to both you and HHS? Part of the answer lies in careful planning and good organization. Planned giving creates opportunities for both Healing HEART Sanctuary and our donors. The best plans are created by first deciding what your personal financial goals are. Determining what gift is right for you is just as important as making the gift.

As an HHS supporter, you have the power to shape this future through the financial and estate planning decisions you make today. By naming HHS as a beneficiary of your estate, you will give the gift of healing to animals and children who will need your help in the years to come. New tax laws will make designating Healing HEART Sanctuary as a beneficiary of your retirement account even more advantageous to your estate plans. Consult a professional about new distribution requirements and naming HHS as a beneficiary of your plan.

There are many options from which you can choose to help you identify the approach which best meets both your financial and charitable goals:

  • Donate Your Vehicle

Cars 4 Causes makes it easy to donate your vehicle and all proceeds will go to Healing Heart Sanctuary. Fill out the simple form — they’ll do the rest. It’s a simple and quick way to support the animals at HHS

  • Charitable Gift Annuities

If you are a senior citizen or retiree, you can transfer real estate or marketable securities (such as stocks, bonds or mutual fund shares) as well as cash to Healing HEART Sanctuary, and in exchange, HHS will pay you a guaranteed fixed income for life commensurate with the value of the transfer. What’s more, you will receive a tax deduction.

  • Insurance Gifts

There are several ways to turn insurance policies into charitable instruments: You can take a life insurance policy out on yourself that is owned by Healing HEART Sanctuary; you can name HHS as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy or annuity for death proceeds; or you can transfer ownership of an existing policy to HHS, which is ideal for a life insurance policy that contains a benefit you no longer want or need.

  • Stock Gifts

Stocks, bonds, mutual fund shares and other securities offer alternative ways to give that can benefit both you and Healing HEART Sanctuary. When donating assets that have appreciated in value, you can avoid capital gains taxes. In some cases, HHS would accept donations of non-liquid assets such as real estate, art, jewelry, and valuable collections.

Congress has authorized the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 which extends the law that allows donors to make charitable gifts from their IRA accounts during tax years 2008 and 2009 without incurring income tax on the withdrawal.

Gifts of appreciated securities provide an excellent means by which to support the animals and children of HHS and receive tax benefits as well. Stocks that have appreciated in value since their purchase allow you to:

  • Make a generous gift to help support Healing HEART Sanctuary.
  • Receive a charitable income tax deduction equal to the fair market value of the securities if they have been held longer than one year.
  • Avoid capital gains tax that you would incur by selling the stock
  • Carry forward any deductions in excess of 30% of your adjusted gross income for up to five additional years.

Taking a loss on securities? If you have investments that have decreased in value since you have purchased them, you might consider selling them and making a deductible gift of the cash proceeds. You may then be able to deduct the loss from other taxable income and combine that with your cash contribution for a value that could actually exceed the current value of the investment.

Consult with your financial advisor about these and other tax-advantageous ways of making a gift to HHS.

  • IRA Accounts

Congress has re-authorized legislation that allows donors to make charitable gifts from their IRA accounts during tax years 2008 and 2009 without incurring income tax on the withdrawal.

Those individuals age 70½ or older are required to take minimum withdrawals and if you do not need them for personal use, this may be a great way to make a gift to Healing HEART Sanctuary. This is good news for people who want to make a charitable gift during their lifetime from their retirement assets, but have been discouraged from doing so because of the income tax penalty.

To Qualify:

  • You must be age 70½ or older at the time of the gift.
  • Transfers must be made from a traditional or Roth IRA account by your plan provider directly to the charity. Funds that are withdrawn by you and then contributed do not qualify.
  • Gifts from 401k, 403b, SEP and other retirement plans do not qualify.
  • Gifts must be outright. Distributions to donor-advised funds, supporting organizations, or life-income arrangements such as charitable remainder trusts and gift annuities are precluded.

Benefits—Qualified Charitable Distributions:

  • Can total up to $100,000 in each tax year (if your spouse has a separate IRA account, you can each contribute up to $100,000 per tax year)
  • Can be excluded from your gross income for federal income tax purposes on line 15a of Form 1040 (no charitable deduction is available, however)
  • Can be used to satisfy your Minimum Required Distribution (MRD)
  • Are not subject to the 50% deductibility ceiling or the 2% rule

How the New Law Works

Pat, aged 80, has $450,000 in an IRA and has pledged to give us $75,000 this year. If Pat transfers $75,000 to us from the IRA, she will avoid paying income tax on that amount. She cannot, however, claim a charitable deduction—it is a pure “wash.” Pat has found an easy way to benefit us without tax complications.

If she desired, Pat could give more than $100,000. The legislation allows a maximum $100,000 gift in both the 2008 and 2009 tax years. So Pat could give $100,000 each year. If her spouse has an IRA and is 70½ or older, he can also give up to $100,000 each year.

How to Make a Gift

  • Contact your IRA custodian to transfer your desired gift amount to a charitable organization.
  • Additional Note for All IRA Account Holders
  • Regardless of your age, you can also list Healing HEART Sanctuary as a beneficiary of your IRA.

It is wise to consult tax professionals if you are contemplating a gift under the new law.

We appreciate your consideration of including Healing HEART Sanctuary in your long-term planning. And everyone, especially the animals, will be very thankful.