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Calling all volunteers: Join HHS in getting the word out now!!

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Maddies_Flyer_HHS2Love rescue dogs and cats?  Want a way to help the organizations which rescue them get at least $1,000 with just a little of your time and theirs? The word is spreading … and we LOVE it.  Volunteer  by April 28th to help HHS keep up the momentum. Even just an hour of your time can make a big difference to many small rescue groups.  Got more time?  P-awesome.

Healing HEART Sanctuary is looking for volunteers to help us spread the word to rescues and shelters about a grant opportunity which ends on April 30th.  (If your group is just hearing about this now from our Facebook ad, we ask that you put Healing HEART Sanctuary of Lompoc, CA as the referring group, please. ALSO, if you want to help spread the word by contacting groups, we’ll give you our whole process AND calling lists. YOUR group gets the referral grant monies; more groups get to hear about this.)

We need volunteers to call the rescue organizations as well as people to share the information on social media and to download this flyer to share with your local pet supply stores, feed stores, and veterinarians/specialists … anywhere someone might have regular contact with rescue groups.  They might even be willing to send out messages to their contacts.

Know right now you want to volunteer before reading more?  Email HHS to volunteer.

To receive the $1,000 grant from Maddie’s Fund, all the rescues and shelters have to do is sign up for the Shelter Animals Count national animal intake database while agreeing to monthly sharing their intake and outgoing numbers for dogs and cats.  With just 10 to 15 minutes of their time, they will receive $1,000.

Plus, they’ll join the movement for groups and shelters to start openly sharing intake numbers; saving lives over time.

Rescue groups and governmental agencies also can make more money by referring others … another $500 for EACH group they refer which puts them down as the referring organization. . IN FACT, if your group hasn’t signed up yet, please put Healing HEART Sanctuary of Lompoc, CA as the referring group.

All rescues and shelters desperately need funds and we don’t want anyone to miss out.  It might be cold-calling but everyone so far has been delighted to get the call!

We will provide the list of names, phone numbers, and a calling script.  Volunteers will briefly tell the groups about the opportunity and that the organization should look for an email from us with all the links, just to make it easy for everyone. This is a volunteer project; so phone charges would be the responsibility of the volunteer.

Interested?  Email HHS to volunteer or reach us by phone at (818) 406-7923.  Executive Director Laura (Bradshaw) Roggendorf is on the West Coast, which means she is 3 hours behind the time of the East Coast.  Can’t wait until she’s available? Try East Coast-based Board member Laurel Ley at (650) 276-0735.

Please keep on spreading the word about this opportunity. If your group hasn’t signed up yet, please put Healing HEART Sanctuary of Lompoc, CA as the referring group.
WANT TO MAKE MORE GRANT MONEY from this opportunity, contact us and we’ll share with you what we’ve been doing.