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Directors & Volunteers

By design, Healing HEART Sanctuary started out as a staff of one, Laura Bradshaw, founder and now Executive Director. Through the evolution of the sanctuary, the primary staff continues as Laura with the planned addition of various long-term employees as well as temporary staff and/or volunteers.

As the sanctuary continues in our growth stage and with the recent change in physical location to expand our impact, we are defining the roles needed to support the sanctuary in its current operations as well as defining what is needed to expand its programs and reach. If you think that you may be interesting in either volunteering or possibly providing paid services, please let us know.

We anticipate during 2016 we’ll be adding many wonderful people to this page as well as to the volunteer section.

Laura Bradshaw, Executive Director

Laura Bradshaw has had a love for and been working with animals her whole life. Her first spoken word was “Mike”, the name of the family dog. Throughout her childhood she brought every possible kind of lost animal home. She had to learn that not all animals are “lost”, especially snakes and insects. Her mother once wrote her a letter stating that she hoped that one day she would come to love and care for people as much as she did animals. That day did come.

Her professional background has been in building programs, training others to work within those programs, and then turning over the program. After a fairly successful acting career in Hollywood, Laura opened up a swimming school for children, her other big love. At one point, the business was serving over 400 clients a week with multiple instructors. Her clientele included many high profile clients and children of high visibility individuals in Hollywood; thus, she needed to be able to maintain confidentiality and have the ability to address a range of personalities. Laura’s training forte was in taking the standard training protocol she had developed, and then customizing it on the fly to address individual needs and issues. Additionally, she developed the unique and needed ability of identifying the underlying issues in situations, seeing beyond the obvious. This makes her an ideal facilitator in dealing with various animals and people day-to-day.

The business was financially successful but after fifteen years of the rigors of running a business in Los Angeles and with the sudden death of her husband, Laura needed a new more meaningful direction. With the other founders, Laura took her passion for animals and children plus that of alternative, complementary, and traditional medicine, put them all together, and opened up Healing HEART Sanctuary, helping children and disabled animals get back on their feet.

Since HHS opened in 2004, through its in-house and outreach programs and services, hundreds of animals including dogs and cats, farm animals and horses as well as other animals have been helped. Executive Director Laura Bradshaw and HHS have directly rehabilitated over 40 severely injured animals including dogs, cats, farm animals, horses, birds, and exotics through water therapy, sound wave technology, and other mainstream and alternative treatments; then found homes for the animals that weren’t staying on as a part of our onsite programs.

Laura is a key visionary for Healing HEART Sanctuary and is working to maximize the value of the connections and experience she brings in order to develop outreach programs which help other groups expand their reach. All while helping individual animals on a daily basis. What a great combination for an Executive Director.