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3 Loving HHS Dogs Looking for Their Forever Home


Molly (10yr Chihuahua/Min Pin mix)

GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY! Molly is a fashionista, or she would be if we let her do the shopping. She loves to dress up in sweaters and/or other canine outfits and if she were a person, she would be the one with the long painted fingernails too. She definitely prefers city to country, probably because there’s more clothing stores there, and cement to dirt.

Molly is very sweet and loving, loves to cuddle, but make no mistake she runs the dog house here! She’s our biggest dog, stature not withstanding (pun intended) and she is not a continuous barker (thank Goodness!)

Molly has a unique but manageable condition that makes going to the bathroom a little different then some, though she can do it completely on her own. She takes supplements to keep her stools easy to pass. She does best if taken on walks at least once a day, best in the am, to make sure she’s worked it all out. Molly would prefer to be the go everywhere you go dog (in your arms because walking is overrated) but she does well at home too, especially if there are doggie friends for her to hang with.
Molly would love to be an integral part of a loving family.

For more information on Molly call Laura at Healing HEART Sanctuary (818) 406-7923 or you can check out her website page.

Jaeger (4yr German Shepherd)

MR. INTENSE! Jaeger was bred to be a military or police dog and boy would he have been good at it, if he had not been injured as a pup. Jaeger was paralyzed while playing with his siblings when they were very small. He has regained the ability to walk and run (in his own way) but now has a crooked spine and bad hips, though it’s never stopped Jaeger from living and enjoying life to the fullest.

Jaeger is continent, however, and as long has he has a way to get out to go to the bathroom or is helped out at normal intervals, he does not have accidents. Jaeger takes his time to get to know and trust people but once he does he never forgets anyone and is super loving and sweet. His favorite games are catch, which he could do for hours (if you’re willing), fetch and tug.

Jaeger loves to be brushed and touched and just wants to have someone love and care for him as much as he is devoted to them.

For more information on Jaeger call Laura at Healing HEART Sanctuary (818) 406-7923 or you can check out his website page.

Landon (5yr Boarder Collie/Corgi mix)

YEE HAW! Landon is as “cowboy” as they come, being half Border Collie that’s probably not very surprising, is it?! His other half is Corgi, so he’s a short cowboy…but what he lacks in stature he makes up in enthusiasm!!! He’s talkative and on the go but he also has a calm, strong silent type side too, that not all Border Collies have. He loves to go out on the trial (preferably off leash like real cowboys), lasso teddy bears, clown around and curling up in front of the fire for a good cuddle.

Being mobile means so much to him because when he was little he had to use a wheelchair to walk. He was born with a neurological condition that made his back legs not work but with his time at Healing HEART Sanctuary, he can now walk and run on his own and he loves, loves, LOVES to use his legs (he looks quite like Tigger from Winnie the Poo; run… jump… hop… fall… run again!) He still has a wheelchair for when he’s on cement or surfaces that could scratch his feet up though.

He needs some help making sure his bladder is empty but that’s pretty easy to learn, as long as bending down to help is ok for your back. He can always wear a belly band inside too, to make sure he doesn’t have an accident, though he rarely does. He can poop on his own and can eat all sorts of wonderfully horrible things and never get range grange (cowboy talk for loose poop!)

He has worked hard to walk and run on his own and now wants a family of his own to ride off into the sunset with. Will it be you?

For more information on Landon call Laura at Healing HEART Sanctuary (818) 406-7923, or you can check out his website page.