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~ The Hugger!

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Landon is a Border Collie/Corgi mix who came to Healing HEART Sanctuary in August 2012 at about six months old.  Landon was born with a neurological condition which limited his ability to move his back legs.  He was also incontinent,  limiting his ability to be adopted.  (I would rather leave out the information about the failed adoption. I think it distracts from his current story).   Landon was making steady progress in his ability to use his back legs, then one of his front legs became a problem.  As with many Corgis his front legs began spreading apart.  His right front leg, however, started to turn out too far.  The veterinarian confirmed that one of the bones in his leg continued to grow while the other stopped.  If his leg did not stop growing, immediately,  it could potentially turn that leg all the way around backwards causing him to also lose the use of his front legs.  He had surgery to stop that from happening and now is doing very well.  Landon can get up and use his back legs most of the time.  We call him clown boy because it looks a little comical the way he gets up, but it works for him.  He LOVES to hug things and not let them go (ie. your leg, large stuffed toys,  kids)…(?) ever!  What a wonderful character!

Name: Landon ~ The Hugger!
Species: Canine
Gender:  Male
Age: 4 years old
Date came to HHS:
Health concerns:
Special interests: 

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