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Jaeger_website_photo~ Mr. Intense!

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Jaeger is a German Shepherd who came to Healing HEART Sanctuary in April 2013 at five months old.  Jaeger had been paralyzed as a young pup while playing with his siblings.  With a veterinarian’s help, Jaeger learned to walk again.  Then he had a growth spurt and couldn’t figure how to maneuver his newly sized body.  Just when he would figure out how to walk again, he would grow and then be down again.  His spine begin to twist each time he was down until he figured out how to walk again, (when it would straighten out?).  Just before his largest growth spurt, his owner had double carpel tunnel surgery on both wrists.  She was not allowed to pick up anything over 5 lbs.  Jaeger went down for longer than ever before because she could not help him up.  That’s when she called us.

When Jaeger got to HHS his spine was pretty twisted and he could only take two steps before falling.  He made steady progress walking, as long as he received help getting up.  Before long he could not only walk but run. He loves to catch and fetch toys.  His spine never did straighten out again though. Then on top of it Jaeger was also diagnosed with two bad hips.  At some point he may well need a double hip replacement.

Jaeger is a happy dog but was bred to be a military or police dog so he is very intense and has to be watched around new people or animals (watched how so?) Takes a while to warm up to new people (?).  Once he gets to know you, he is very friendly and loving.  Jaeger is also a true master at catching toys/balls.  We will soon be trying for the Guinness Book of World’s for consecutive catches of a toy by a dog!

Name: Jaeger ~ Mr. Intense!
Species: Canine
Gender:  Male
Age: 4 years old
Date came to HHS:
Health concerns:
Special interests: 

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